PAUSE Picks: 9 Fashion Podcasts To Get Into

By February 3, 2021Culture, Lifestyle

Turning fashion into an audio experience.

Whether it is celebrity banter or insight into an industry that has always been shrouded in exclusivity and luxury, podcasting has not only become a way to share some of fashion’s most interesting stories about the inner workings of the business, but also a way for brands and designers to communicate with their audience. 

Already adopted by illustrious fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior, with many others getting in on the action, fashion podcasts have become a thriving melting pot of the best audio immersions. Serving as the soundtrack to a lot of people’s lockdown with a listenership that’s growing by the hour – in 2020 the UK had an estimated 15.6 million listeners according to Statistica and according to an article in Variety, Apple Podcasts features more than 500,00 active podcasts. 

Offering us some of the best education in why clothes matter, the conversational format has also quickly become a compelling platform for those who want to explore fashion, learn about historical contexts of notable pieces, the broader industry, or keep up with trends. Here are eight podcasts that you should get into this year. 

Chanel Connects

Touching on how to navigate the creative industry, especially during turbulent and unpredictable times, Channel Connects is the luxury brands latest venture into podcasting. Speaking with experts from fashion, art, film and music, the cultural podcast features eight episodes all tackling different questions about respective industries.

The BoF Podcast

Hosted by the publication’s founder, Imran Amed, the Business of Fashion Podcast is revered as one of the go-to sources for all things fashion and business. BoF is a great way to stay up-to-date global fashion news and industry happenings.

The Cutting Room Floor

When it comes to fashion podcasts, Recho Omondi sets her self apart from everyone. In a rare case of a designer taking centre stage as a podcaster, the Cutting Room Floor is a mandatory listen for all style enthusiasts, featuring inquisitive interviews with names such as Diet Prada, Heron Preston, Martine Rose and plenty more.

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

Vogue International Editor, Suzy Menkes pulls out her Rolodex of influential names in fashion for her podcast, Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes. With interviews featuring heavy hitters like Chrisitan Louboutin, Michael Kors and other notable names, the legendary critic provides in-depth inspirational conversations.

Fashion No Filter

Giving us a peek into how the fashion industry operates, Fashion No Filter unpacks it all. Hosted by journalist Monica Ainley and fashion influencer Camille Charrière, this popular podcasts takes listeners behind the curtains with insightful conversations about industry happenings and future trends.

The Fashion Hags

Discussing topics such as The Demise of the Fashion Magazine, the self-professed non-industry experts dissect and discuss (with strong opinions and swearing) all things fashion. Although they haven’t recorded any new episodes since 2019, the Fashion Hags make for some fun listening. 

So… What Do You Do Again?

Highlighting the journeys of women of colour within the fashion industry, So…What Do You Do Again? is hosted by associate editor at Vogue, Naomi Elizée. Chock-full of resources for all those looking to break into the fashion industry, this podcast speaks on all the different obstacles women of colour face while trying to make it.

Get Dressed

The brain-child of @thecrediblesource, @thechampagneroom and @prince_juice, Get Dressed Podcast is a one-stop-shop for all things music, lifestyle, fashion and mental health. Giving us a commentary on an ever-changing fashion landscape, Get Dressed is a window into the life of three of fashion influencers and their platforms. 

Throwing Fits

Formerly known as Failing Upwards, ThrowingFits is the millennials podcast of choice. Created by two ‘jawnz enthusiasts’ James Harris aka @doctortaco and @sartoriallyinc, ThrowingFits is a hilarious listen that is riddled with crude jokes, ‘fit checks’ and tonnes of gems.

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