PAUSE Highlights: Printed Trousers

Step outside of the norm.

There’s a sense of comfort that comes with slipping into the same pair of plain trousers or blue jeans. You know that whatever loud print you choose to go for on top, it’s unlikely for there to be much of a clash. They can help to ground you back in reality, not making that Hawaiian-print shirt look like it’s “too much.”

But why should trousers be resigned to being a mere filler between the top half and shoes of an outfit? Never wanting to stick within our comfort zones, we are asking you about printed trousers. Making your legwear the focal point of an outfit might make it harder to rock that same Hawaiian-print shirt, but it can provide a playful twist to your look.

In an attempt to get everyone to be more creative in their choice of trouser, we have collated some of the best looks from Instagram that feature printed trousers. From patchwork jeans to full floral prints, we have an outfit to suit every style. See the full gallery below along with some shopping suggestions.

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