7 Female Haircuts That Are Trending in 2021

By August 17, 2021Guest Post

2020 is over, and we’re all glad to have it in our rearview. But that puts a lot of pressure on 2021 to come in with a bang and make up for the previous year, especially in hit-hard industries, like hair salons.

Beauticians are hard at work fixing the at-home cuts and colors that we were forced to do if we wanted to “keep up with” our hair. But our mistakes have led to some pretty impressive trends for the new year!

Now that we can get back into the hair salon, it’s time to do something new and exciting with your hair. These seven female haircuts that are hitting the scene in 2021 as the trendiest tresses.

Top Styles for Women’s Hair This Year

Most of us are ready to shake things up with a new look to celebrate an almost-normal routine. Whether you’re heading back to work or just excited to be able to socialize again, try one of these trendy styles:

  1. The angled bob – This cut fixes a lot of flaws. It gives you the chance to cut off inches of split ends, if you have them, while still staying stylish. The angled bob is versatile, too, since it lets you keep some length, choose bangs, or go short and sassy.
  2.  The messy lob – Do you ever feel like your hair looks best after you get home from a day out? It never fails that you spend hours putting your hair up, only to have it look great when you’re stuck at home. The messy lob haircut gives you this after-look all the time. It’s a great choice if you have long hair but are ready to get a little more edgy.
  3.  Get texturized – If you feel like your hair is always flat and floppy, you might need some texture in it. When you have straight hair, especially if it’s long, it can seem mousy without texture. A texturized style adds bounce and fun without a lot of work.
  4.  Long bangs – Bangs are the quintessential controversial look in hairstyles. Some people swear by them, while others consider them strictly for children. But this year’s long bangs, parted in the middle and paired with a neck-length cut, are inarguably trendy.
  5.  The shag – Shaggy hair, don’t care? In 2021, you’re actually in style. The shag look, paired with curtain bangs, lets you get away with minimal fuss and still look hot.
  6.  The pixie – Another cut that goes in and out is the pixie. This style is trending now as people want a minimalist lifestyle. Short pixie cuts are easy to keep up with and can be paired with bold streaks of color, spikes, designs, and other fun additions.
  7.  The face-framing layers – Made popular years ago from Jennifer Aniston, this look is still in style. A straightened lob lets you choose your length, as long as the layers frame your face at the right angles. It’s an all-purpose business, casual, and elegant look in one cut!

When you’re ready for a cut that matches your bold new approach to 2021, try one of these seven trending female hairstyles. Your favorite hair stylist will help you choose the one that’s best for you, but they’re all hot and stylish!

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