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Jewellery is a spectacular addition to a person’s style and can say a lot about their status, tastes and preferences. They come in a variety of designs. Some are preferred by women, others by men, and there are unisex models that everyone is happy to wear. One such universal piece of jewellery is the precious metal chain.

This exquisite accessory has been popular for centuries. It is used as a standalone piece of jewellery or as a pendant for a pendant, cross, etc. In the online shop Fjewellery you can buy chains of any style. There you will find a large assortment of jewellery to suit all tastes. The availability of the workshop and the sale of pre-owned items ensure favourable prices for the products. Moreover, the latter can be bought quite inexpensively.


What chains are there

Chains have a very long history. The first pieces were created by hand. In ancient Rome, gold chains could only be worn by nobles. In the Middle Ages, they became a popular means of payment. They were assessed not only by the amount of gold in the piece but also by the complexity of the weaving technique. During the Renaissance, this jewellery became true masterpieces of art.

By the way, not only the weaving technique has changed, but also the way the jewellery was worn. They were worn not only around the neck but also around the waist, effectively accentuating the slimness of the figure. Different lengths made it possible to wear several pieces around the neck. The varieties became much more varied when the first chain-making machine was created in France.

There are a huge number of them nowadays, the most popular being:

  • Bismarck – one of the strongest weaves;
  • chain-curbs;
  • rope chain;
  • Singapore weaving;
  • snake;
  • fancy weaving, etc.

In the shop’s catalogue, you can find products with different weaving techniques. Choose them with individuality and a particular style in mind. With the right choice, it will spectacularly highlight your best features and give your image a distinctive elegance. For example:

  • a large weave will help to visually elongate the neck;
  • a wide decoration placed just below the neck will contribute to a large chin;
  • V-neck garments should be worn with a sufficiently long decoration, but they should not overlap the neckline, etc.

You can buy a product in silver or gold. However, if you have sensitive skin, as well as children, it is advisable to choose silver. The colour of the gold for the jewellery (white, yellow, rose) should match the colour of the pendant or cross if the item is to be used as a pendant.

The chain jewellery is versatile. It goes well with any style. It is happily worn by men and women of all ages. Therefore, it will always be a welcome gift for a loved one. Fjewellery is a company that fulfils your deepest desires. Compare prices and photos in our jewellery catalogue and choose the jewellery that will touch the deepest parts of your soul.

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  • Lily says:

    I always loved to wear different chains and was extremely happy when voluminous multi-layered necklaces returned to fashion – it’s very beautiful! When I buy, in an online shop I usually choose several different chains at once, I especially love a variety of fancy weaves and Bismarck. It’s great when you can mix them up in a fun way, hang as many pendants and bright beads as possible.

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