Cannabis Devices for the Discreet User

By September 1, 2021Guest Post

There is a lot of innovation in the cannabis industry and many devices available. All of these devices give you the same result but through a different experience and each device is made with a different type of user in mind. People who prefer to be discreet and remain private have their own type of device that they could use. These discreet users might be new to cannabis, they could be parents or they could just be interested in experimenting with cannabis undercover. Many consumption devices are available online and there are so many devices available. If you are a discreet user, here are some examples of devices that might interest you.

One Hitters

The first device that you should consider is a one hitter. One hitters are very small handheld weed pipes that have a very narrow bowl attached. This bowl is designed to hold a very small amount of cannabis which makes this device ideal for a single hit/inhale. Generally, you do not need a lot of cannabis to get high but the more THC you consume, the higher you will become. This device gives a moderate high but is still very effective. This is an inhalation method of consumption which means that you will feel the effects very quickly. The benefits of this device are that it uses a very small quantity of cannabis, it is discrete and it is portable.

Pen vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are small, handheld inhalation devices that produce vapor instead of gas. To use this device, load your chamber with a small amount of cannabis, switch on your vaporizer, once the vaporizer has successfully switched on, hold the power button which will send power to the atomizer. The result will create vapor that you inhale and exhale. You will feel the effects almost instantly and the best part of this method of consumption is that no smoke or smell is produced which makes it an ideal device for discreet users because it won’t attract attention.


A bong is a water filtration device used to smoke cannabis and to consume with this device, you simply fill the device with water, add a small amount of crushed dry herb to the chamber, light the herb while inhaling through the mouthpiece and then exhale. There are many different bong designs, and these devices are easy to find with many online stores selling them, like Molino Glass for example, and there is a design that suits everyone. You will feel the effects almost instantly with this method because it involves inhalation. Besides the fact that bongs use a small amount of weed per session, this device is not portable which means that it is best for home use which is the best place to consume for discreet users because you can enjoy your session alone and in private.

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Creams and Lotions

Topicals are creams and lotions that contain cannabis. Using these products is very simple, all you need to do is apply any desired amount of cream or lotion onto your target area and the effects will be felt shortly. Topicals have no psychoactive effects but will relax the target area and relieve any pain or stiffness that you might be experiencing. This is probably one of the most discreet methods of consumption because it looks like a cosmetics product and is very unsuspecting.


Cannabis capsules are as the name suggests, capsules that contain cannabis. The capsule can contain cannabis oil or dry cannabis and you consume it the same way you consume any other capsule: by putting it in your mouth and washing it down with water. Because this is consumed orally, you will feel the effects within 30-90 minutes however, the effects will be more potent. Capsules are also one of the most discreet methods of consumption because they can easily be confused for a regular capsule and you can consume it without drawing any attention to yourself whatsoever.

There is no shortage of consumption methods for the discreet cannabis user. Once you have gotten more used to cannabis and more comfortable consuming this substance, you can experiment with other methods of consumption but for new users and perhaps those who are a bit shy about consuming cannabis, one hitters, pen vaporizers, bongs, creams, lotions, and capsules are a good place to start. These methods of consumption are ideal for both THC and CBD consumption.

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