LUV Encapsulate Modern Varsity in Their Newest Collection

By October 6, 2021Fashion News

"The world is our canvas, and our imagination and actions are the paint and the brush."

The core values of LUV remain at the forefront of its commitment to provide clothing that aligns with athleisure and lifestyle.

With a strong mission to protect the planet and foster individual expression through the arts and physical activities, LUV is constantly striving to make a positive impact and consciously incorporating sustainability into everything they do, making informed decisions about who they work with, how they work, and what they use.

In the brand’s newest collection, natural tones adorn the majority of designs and colourways, particularly neutral shades like forest green and cream, which convey a modern varsity aesthetic.

Designed to showcase timeless items that can be worn year-round, the mission and vision of the brand inspire and harmonize the community of people who share the same philosophy.

LUV believes everyone is an “Artist of Life” so it is evident in their creativity.

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Creative Direction and Photography: @adam.luv
Models: @bushybroweth and @torivanbreugel
Styling: @williamcerts

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