Five Simple Tyre Checks to Keep You Safe on the Road

By November 1, 2021Guest Post

The only part of your car that is in contact with the road at any time is an approximately hand-sized patch of each of your tyres. With this in mind, it becomes easy to see that you should ensure that your tyres are always in great condition. Here are some simple tyre checks to keep you safe on the road.

Tread Depth

Legally, your tread depth must be a uniform 1.6mm deep all over the contact surface. However, many mechanics recommend not allowing your tread depth to drop below 3mm so that you have peace of mind and greater security on the roads during inclement conditions. This is perhaps even more important given that climate change is causing tropical-style downpours on roads more used to steady, but very gently rain – when the road’s drainage cannot keep up with the deluge, your tyres can make the difference between being safe on the roads and not.

Visible Damage

Check your tyres fairly often – weekly if you are a heavy commuter. Take a torch out with you, and wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Check every inch of the tyres with care, looking for cracks, missing chunks of rubber, and dimples and dents that distort the sidewall or integrity of the contact surface. Spotting problems early means that you can sort them out promptly, reducing your risk of having an accident.

Replace When Necessary

When your tyres are old and worn, do not be tempted to keep using them. Repair any damage if you really cannot afford to replace them, or buy two new tyres if you can’t afford a set of four – but you must take steps to ensure your tyres are safe, not only for you, but for other road users too. If you are looking for new car tyres, DAT Tyres has multiple price points for you to choose between.

Test the Brakes

Check your brakes are in good working order by trying them out in test conditions. This means performing an emergency stop with the hand-brake, and suddenly applying the service brakes, just as you would should something untoward happen on the road in front of you.

Check Inflation

Finally, keep an eye on your tyre pressure. Modern tyres are designed to be used at the recommended inflation for best and safest practice. And this is now considered so important that your tyre’s inflation is now something that is checked on the annual MOT test that cars over three years old must undertake.


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