Top 5 Strategies for Playing Blackjack Online

By February 20, 2022Guest Post

If you’ve been playing blackjack online for a while now and you’re feeling quite confident about your abilities. This feeling could motivate you to move in a new direction and make money from your favorite casino game. 

This is entirely possible since blackjack isn’t a difficult strategy to grasp. Even if you’re just starting, you stand a good chance to win large when you play blackjack.

1. Make sure you are standing on your hands as 12 or 13

Most novice blackjack players would continue to take another one if their initial hand included a number like twelve or thirteen. However, this is a fundamental error. It is important to understand the blackjack game is a game that involves well-known numbers. You can also play blackjack online for free if you are a new player. 

If you know the hand which is in this instance 12 or 13 , but you are only familiar with that one dealer’s deck, which is his upcard. If his facedown card is the most likely valued at a 10, since tens and queens, jacks and kings have the same worth, we can determine the probable starting hands.

The only exception to this rule is when you own an even pair. Divide all pairs, except 10s and where you need to be standing, and 5s, where you must double down.

2. Don’t divide Tens

One of the most important blackjack tips that can help you be successful in the long run is to make more money at the table when you suspect that the dealer is not strong and you’re in a position to increase your chips. One strategy to achieve this is to split your chips when you have two players.

3. If your total is 11 points, you should double it

Another method to bet more when you are at the right moment is to make a double-down. This means that once you have received both cards, you can increase your bet by doubling it before you move on and get another card.

4. Don’t take insurance

On certain blackjack tables on the internet, there is a chance to place a blackjack-insurance bet when the dealer can show an Ace. The idea behind the bet will compensate your losses in case the dealer wins an ace.

5. Make sure you are betting within your bankroll and remain cool

This isn’t about tricks to win at blackjack instead, but common knowledge that will enhance your overall performance. It is crucial to remember that in any casino game or betting, ensure that you bet only what you can afford.

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