Prada Unveil New Sports Sandals Designed by Raf Simons

Including three colourways.

Collaboratively designed by both Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada, the latest from Prada sees the Italian fashion house unveil two new sports sandals, arriving in three different colourways.

Keeping the open-toe fever going well into the end of summer, Prada is seizing the moment to hop on the hype train as they unveil two separate iterations of the sports sandal, with the first pair seeing a faded black adorn a sporty leather and nylon tape sandal.

The pair boasts a faded black colour edging into a grey, with Prada utilising their signature metal clip for strapping across the midpoint of the foot. The securely fastened pair also feature fabric and leather strapping across the upper of the sandal, with a chunky rubber ridged sole and Prada branding on the insole finishing off this pair. Two black and white iterations of a Nappa leather pair also arrive in this latest release, with leather strapping dominating the upper alongside a heavy amount of branding, with the Prada name making its presence known on the midfoot strap and insole. Lastly, these two pairs differ from the first, boasting a robust sole unit taken from Prada’s Cloudbust Thunder shoe, adding both utility and comfort moving into the autumn months.

Prada’s selection of new sports sandals are available to shop now via the Prada website.


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