Men’s Fashion Trends in 2022: The Biggest Changes

By September 12, 2022Guest Post

The spectrum of men’s apparel keeps getting more expansive as we surf through the years of androgynous and sexually liberated fashion trends. The past few years have been a cultural reset for the fashion industry. As many old trends are revived, we have witnessed them in a new and socially conscious light as sustainable and gender-neutral fashion becomes the new cool.


While for women, androgynous fashion is nothing out of the ordinary; men’s fashion has gone through more significant changes. GenZ fashion for men has taken a leap into cross-cultural and non-binary norms towards an inclusive and quirky world of men’s floral corsets, waist trainers, pastel clay jewelry, and skirts. Read ahead and walk through the biggest changes in men’s fashion trends in 2022.

The comeback of older trends in men’s fashion

Men’s fashion trends through the decades had been one of the least interesting niches for many years in the past. With the same tuxedos, polo t-shirts, and tennis shoes doing rounds in the trending section. While in the early centuries of laced shirts and leather waistcoats, there wasn’t much to choose from, the later decades brought in a much wider range of styles for men.

Many trends like sleeveless vests, quirky and shiny formals, and ultra-loose shirts have made glorious comebacks in 2022. Early 2000s men’s fashion trends like low-waisted jeans and street style clothing have been revived from the fashion morgue and made better than ever. But as the newer generations work towards removing gender norms in fashion, the world of men’s fashion and the comeback of older trends have been styled like never before.

Most popular trends in men’s fashion in 2022

There’s no denying that 2022 has brought some of the biggest changes in men’s fashion. Whether it’s creativity that boiled up into a fashionable bubble or inclusivity and sustainability becoming inseparable from fashion, men’s fashion has experienced a cultural revolution. So let’s take a look at what are the latest men’s fashion trends:

1. Streetstyle

Hip-hop and street-style fashions were obscure trends in the late 90s and the early 2000s. However, 2022 has popularized the men’s streetwear fashion trend through sustainable athleisure and bold accessories. Loose joggers and sweatshirts, with a shoulder pack and all paired with heaved chains, make the perfect outfit to pull out the swagger like it’s the 2000s again!

2. Floral themes

Genz men’s fashion trends in 2022 have bid their final goodbye to the years of gendered fashion styles that kept men from truly exploring floral themes. With new trends like floral bottoms and jewelry for men, 2022 is the year men’s fashion blossoms!

3. Skirts

Skirts, being predominantly a women’s clothing item, has finally been set free from the shackles of the gender binary. Men wearing skirts and dresses are the new rockstars. With the popularization of punk, alt, and gothic aesthetics; skirts have become one of the hottest trends in men’s fashion.

4. Crop tops

Loose shirts look amazing, but have you seen men in crop tops? Well, 2022 is the year you get to see a large number of men wearing crop tops to boost up their Instagram aesthetic game!

5. Men’s Corsets

Men’s corsets have become one of the most booming trends in 2022. Predominantly thought of as women’s undergarments and shapewear corsets for men have become a bold fashion statement in 2022. Many artists like Conan Gray have revived victorian fashion trends and thus bringing light to unconventional trends like men’s leather corsets.

6. Flared Bottoms

The 70s and early 2000s’ dear trend, the flared bottoms have made a show-stopping comeback into men’s fashion trends of 2022. Skinny jeans have become a rare sighting as wide-legged and flared pants keep the men’s apparel industry cool and chic.

7. Quirky suits with informal shoes

Not that this trend is native to 2022, but quirky suits with unconventional color schemes and patterns have become a common sight among many notable personalities in 2022. Artists like Harry Styles, known for their gender-fluid and quirky fashion, have made way for this trend to be one of the hottest styles in men’s fashion in 2022.

8. Fusion sarees

When talking about changes in men’s fashion, there is hardly much to say about ethnic clothing. However, 2022 has made way for one of the best men’s ethnic fashion trends – fusion sarees. Whether worn as a simple saree with bold statement jewelry or worn as wraps around a western outfit; men in sarees are taking over 2022!

9. Pastel and bright colors

If you think of pastel colors, a male presence hardly comes to mind. But 2022 has changed that as pastel and quirky bright colors dominate men’s fashion this year. Pastel clothes, pastel clay jewelry, and even pastel makeup; dull colors have become a thing of the past. After all, why should women have all the fun colors!

10. Vests

Vests have been one of the oldest, yet overlooked clothing items for years, not this year though. Sleeveless tanks, cardigans, and business casual vests, all paired with trendy flared bottoms have given men a completely unique and aesthetic look in 2022!


Men’s fashion, for centuries, has been an uninteresting topic with little to fawn over as the same few trends keep being recycled and upcycled back and forth.2022 has made significant progress in expanding the world of fashion for men and making huge changes to the men’s fashion trends in 2022.

Whether it’s ethnic fashion or western fashion, 2022 has transformed the trends and created a more inclusive and sustainable space for men’s fashion. Men’s skirts, men’s flared bottoms, men’s corset vests, and many more exciting trends have offered a wider range of clothing styles for men to choose from.

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