Bingo evening: what dress code would suit you the most?

By December 17, 2022Guest Post

Bingo in a variety of forms has been popular for centuries. This entertaining game has its roots in Italy, originating from a traditional lottery game called “il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” all the way back in the 1500s.

Over the centuries it made its way from Italy through to France, became popular in Britain and following this the US where people still love to play bingo.

In the 1960s, bingo halls had a huge presence across the UK with millions of people enjoying this activity every month and making it one of their main forms of entertainment. The technology boom of the 1990s transformed all industries including casinos and bingo. These days, many players are choosing to enjoy playing bingo online as it’s a convenient option with a great deal of variety when it comes to the types of bingo games and themes you can play.

Despite its proliferation online, many people love to attend land-based casinos and bingo events, as the atmosphere can offer a different type of bingo or casino gaming experience.

But of course, attending an event or venue in real life means that you often have to adhere to the dress codes – and wear an outfit that’s suitable for the style of location. If you don’t, you may at the very least be embarrassed and at the worst, might struggle to gain access to the venue!

Here are some different types of events and venues associated with bingo and casinos – and some suggestions on what to wear too!

An old school bingo hall

The trend of bingo is shifting, whilst bingo halls are facing a decline, online bingo is facing an increase in popularity.


The number of old school, traditional bingo halls may have declined over the past 40 years, but they do still exist – and make for a great time. One of the reasons that they’re so fun to visit is the relaxed atmosphere they offer players. That includes, of course, the dress code!

At these traditional bingo halls that are based in cities and towns across the UK, you can dress casually. For the most part, jeans and trainers are allowed – which isn’t what you’d find in more upscale establishments. It’s a great way to socialise and spend time with family and friends. With many of them offering food and drink options to enjoy while you’re there!

Some of these bingo halls even have more gaming options including slots, casino games and more. The point is – they’re great places to hang out if you want a social, but casual, bingo experience. Get your dabbers at the ready!


Party bingo


While bingo halls have been in decline – and online bingo on the rise – there too, has been a new addition to the bingo landscape over the past few years, especially in the UK.

Bongo Bingo, and similar nights, provide a fun party experience with bingo at their core. Bongo Bingo nights include live hosts, music, competitions and so much more. They’re a fantastic way to celebrate an occasion or just getting together with friends for a laugh and a drink.


But what to wear to this style of bingo event? It’s always fun to get a bit dressed up – but you don’t always need to go over the top. Smart casual is usually the way to go. That means a nice dress, or skirt – or smart shoes and a blazer over jeans. Some nights even encourage fancy dress, so it’s worth checking out the dress code suggestions in advance!


A casino-themed party


Casino or bingo-themed parties are popular these days, as it can add a bit of Las Vegas glamour to what would otherwise be a normal event. It’s important to think ahead about what you want to wear – and feel free to ask the host for suggestions.

A long dress or tuxedo is always a great option if it’s a black-tie-style evening. But many casino-themed parties, especially in people’s homes, are more on the relaxed side. You can never go wrong with a nice blazer and shoes. And a cocktail dress can really add to that Las-Vegas-style flair.


Las Vegas casinos


Speaking of Las Vegas! What should you wear when going to a casino while there? Whether it’s a bingo hall in the city or one of the world’s best casinos, it’s important to always check the website in advance for the dress code, as you don’t want to be turned away. You should also be aware that the more upscale the casino or night club, the more likely it is that they’ll have a stricter dress code that leans on the more formal side.

While many of the casinos in Las Vegas don’t have a formal dress code, they do expect you to dress in a way that’s presentable – especially if it’s in the evening. Khakis, collared shirts or nice jeans are usually acceptable for men, as are dresses, blouses and slacks for women.

During the daytime, many casinos are much more relaxed. Jeans and shorts, t-shirts and more casual looks are deemed acceptable at many of the popular casinos. We’d always recommend avoiding flip flops – and of course, err on the side of caution if you want a guarantee that you won’t be turned away!

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