Editors Select: PAUSE’s Best Dressed Men 2022

PAUSE Picks: Mr. Put It On.

Yes, it’s that time. Come the end of each calendar year, there is one common question that is asked amongst the fashion community: who is this year’s best dressed? A touchy topic, deciphering which man has ‘put it on’ best is never an easy feat, with this being hotly contested amongst those immersed in the fashion community. Will it be down to proportions? Or colour choices? Fabrics? Brands? Designers? Stylist? No stylist? The list of variables is endless, as is the array of opinions.

In no particular order, the PAUSE team have closed the case on this year and come together to collate their selection of the 10 best dressed men in 2022. Get the conversation going in the comments below.

Check out PAUSE’s 10 best dressed men:

-Lil Baby-

PHOTO CREDIT: @lilbaby (via Instagram)

PAUSE’s affection for Lil Baby’s 2022 fits have been no secret, with the Atlanta hitmaker continually making our daily ‘SPOTTED’ segments. Tapping into a new wave this year, the ‘Drip Too Hard’ star kept upping the levels as the months went by, with a newfound understanding of his own proportions and body being a standout feature from his 2022 fit game. As seen above and below, Baby never shied away from a colour or two (or three). A man of many talents it seems.

-Shai Gilgeous-Alexander-

PHOTO CREDIT: @shai (left/middle)/@zachbeeker (right) (via Instagram)

Again, it’s not to hard to see where this pick came from. A previous PAUSE cover star, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander hasn’t just been putting it on for athletes, but for men in general as well. Mixing it with the big boys, Shai’s name has been thrown around with the likes of fashion royalty ASAP Rocky in recent weeks as many begin to discuss 2022’s style icons, and that praise isn’t misplaced. Having a truly memorising ability to suit anything and everything, Shai’s looks are always showstoppers, not being afraid to vary in brand choice and silhouettes. An easy choice for this year’s top 10.


PHOTO CREDIT: @amine (left/right)/@keithkandell (middle) (via Instagram)

I think it’s about time we had a wider discussion about Aminè’s infinite drip. Always seeming to fly under-the-radar, the Oregon-born musician adds just as much bounce to his luxury-laden ensembles as he does to his music, no doubt being the king of colour in this year’s roster. Largely dominated by contrasting colours and fabrics, Aminè’s swag often looks like it shouldn’t work… yet it does. Every. Single Time. From leather and pleats to denim and knit, the Grammy Award-nominated ‘Charmander’ star always seems to pull a fit together, whether it’s ‘Gorp-core’ inspired or being suited and booted for a runway show, Aminè is ready.

-Bloody Osiris-

PHOTO CREDIT: @bloodyosiris (via Instagram)

The fashionistas of all fashionistas. Bloody Osiris takes his rightful spot in PAUSE’s top 10, arguably being one of the most detailed-oriented dressers on the list. From Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens to Supreme and Coach, the eclectic style of Osiris will never fail to amaze. A noticeable change in Osiris’ more recent fits has been his approach to shape and layering, which has lead to the Harlem-born creative to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s it and what’s not. We’re still waiting on the latter.

-Alton Mason-

PHOTO CREDIT: @altonmason (via Instagram)

Having already been crowned ‘Model of the Year’ a few days ago, Alton Mason continues to garner widespread acclaim for his work in the fashion world. Despite this, little has been said about his impeccable street style, so we thought we’d enlighten everyone. Full of this imitable mixture of both hyper-masculine aesthetics and more traditionally feminine tones and shapes, Alton Mason’s outfits continue to blur the increasingly irrelevant gender boundaries, with the Nebraska-native rocking everything from heels and sneakers to shoulder pads and crop tops.

-Jack Harlow-

PHOTO CREDIT: @jackharlow (right), @taylorehill (left) (via Instagram), Getty Images (middle) 

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just been something special about Jack Harlow this year. Whether it’s his undeniable charm, infectious personality, or his ever-popular music, everything Jack does seems to translate this sense of cool, calm and collected air of attraction. Whatever it is, it’s worked for us as come the end of 2022, the 24-year-old has proven to be one of hip-hop’s more snappy dressers. Often opting for puffer jackets and stylish comfort over anything else, the Louisville-native keeps colour-coordinated looks on deck, continually leaning into streetwear heritage brands like Stone Island, Avirex, and New Balance for sleek looking ensembles. First Class.

-Brent Faiyaz-

PHOTO CREDIT: @brentfaiyaz (via Instagram)

Simplicity is key seems to be words that one Brent Faiyaz lives by… and it’s most definitely working. Keeping the musical theme going, R&B crooner Brent Faiyaz has had the best year of his career music wise, with his simple but effective style mirroring that seemingly effortless ability. The Sonder star finds that balance between doing too much and too little with many of his fits, keeping to what he’s comfortable with whilst experimenting with some archival pieces, including vintage Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton.

-Evan Mock-

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images (left), @modehunter (middle), @evanmock (right) (via Instagram)

The man for any occasion. Being the ‘chameleon’ of the group, nobody fits into more crowds than the one-of-one, Evan Mock. The skateboarder-come-surfer-come-model always keeps fashion fans guessing with his looks by piecing together runway ready looks on the sidewalk, truly capturing his mysterious essence. Having made a considerable splash this year with his role in the reboot of hit TV show Gossip Girl, Evan Mock continued to show why he will be one of pop culture’s ‘it’ boys going into 2023.

-Jaden Smith-

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images (middle), @c.syresmith (left, right) (via Instagram)

Sticking to his guns this year, Jaden Smith stayed true to his familiar favourite brands, more often than not rocking his very own MSFTSrep label. Luckily for Jaden, his arsenal were firing on all cylinders. From Thom Browne and Louis Vuitton to MSFTSrep and New Balance, musician, actor and philanthropist Jaden Smith covered each and every base in 2022, being ready for both lunch at 3pm and a runway show at 7pm. Staying suited and booted, a highlight from Jaden’s yearly outfit highlight reel was his grey tartan Thom Browne look at Paris Fashion Week. Another fashionista who redefined the gender boundary this year.

-Jordan Clarkson-

PHOTO CREDIT: @mrollieali (middle), @donthypeme (left), @jordanclarksons (right)(via Instagram)

PAUSE’s December 2022 cover star, Jordan Clarkson, completes our top 10 best dressed men of the year. Pushing the parameters of what NBA players and sportspeople as a whole can wear, Clarkson put on a show for sports and fashions fans alike. From painting nails with his daughter to touching down in Paris for fashion week, Clarkson’s love for expression through fashion is clear to see.

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