How to Become a Successful Mobile Beautician

By January 20, 2023Guest Post

Many people reach a stage in their career when they decide they want the freedom of becoming their own boss. Creative freedom and the chance of making more money are certainly things that tempt people. But in a saturated market such as the beauty industry, you must have a clear plan.

Decide on your services

Before you start trading you will need to decide what services you want to offer your clients. If you are going to be offering both nail and hairdressing services it is essential you stock up on high-quality products such as acrylic nail sets and hairdressing scissors. 

Remember that even if you start with a select number of services you can always enrol in training once you start making money and start to expand your skill set. 

Find your target audience

As the beauty industry is a crowded market, doing market research is essential. This will prove invaluable when it comes to marketing and branding. If you do need to approach a bank for a loan, they may ask to see this as proof you know your business.

Doing market research can be a great way to scope out the competition in the area as well as finding potential clients. You may find that there is a certain service that is missing from the area and be able to offer it. 

Figure out your spending

Starting out on your own means you will have to pay a lot upfront. You will need to invest in tools and equipment, and potentially start thinking about either renting a chair or finding a premises. 

Something you will have to factor in is any insurance you will need. For example, public liability insurance is a must-have. Imagine you accidentally drop hot wax on someone’s phone or snip someone’s ear during a haircut. Insurance is so important, especially if you are visiting your clients at home. 

If you are using your car to travel you should also check your insurance as some policies have different views on using your vehicle for business travel.

Managing bookings

Managing your own bookings can be daunting – you don’t want to end up accidentally double-booking yourself! There are plenty of different platforms and apps available that can help you do this. 

Having a link to your online booking system easily visible will help bring in clients. Make sure it is plastered all over your social media as well as your website. 

Gaining new clients

If you don’t have a permanent premises it can be hard to get your name out there. This is where social media can play a huge role. By using the right hashtags and posting in local community groups on Facebook, you will reach a big audience very quickly. 

When you do get clients, encourage them to leave reviews on your website or social media as true-life testimonials hold a lot of sway with customers and will help you build a reputable brand. 

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