6 Summer Trends Perfect for Your Favorite Holiday Activity

By March 11, 2023Guest Post

Every summer we all have the same dilemma: What do I wear? With the growth in men’s fashion over the recent decades, the options are endless.

Depending on where you live, and how reliable the forecasts are, the weather can have a huge effect on your decision. But not to fear, we are here to provide you with a fool proof guide on the upcoming summer trends for 2023, and on what occasion to wear them – no matter what your summer climate.

The first couple of years of the 2020’s have seen a massive resurgence in the iconic fashion trends of the 1970’s and the late 90’s to early 2000’s. We’ve seen it in the flowy bell bottom pants reminiscent of the much loved hippie era, and as of late 2022 the controversial return of velour juicy couture tracksuits.

If there is anything I can predict with absolute confidence about the summer 2023 season of fashion, it’s that the biggest trend is making it your own. Celebrating individuality is on the rise, and if Gen Z have proven anything, it’s that putting your own spin on things is what really puts it in the spotlight. So with that being said, let’s get on to the trends.

1. Utility Pants – Hiking

They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere. Utility pants have made possibly the biggest comeback since McBusted, and it’s absolutely justified. How can anyone say no to all those pockets?

Often seen in a classic khaki green or a scandi inspired modern beige, the pants can be dressed up or down for many occasions, with a button-up shirt for a fun night out, or a relaxed t-shirt for a casual shopping trip. My favourite pairing to wear with utility pants though is definitely some comfortable trainers ready for a great summer’s day hike.

We can expect to see some new twists in the hotter months, with utility style skirts, and similarly styled shorts. For a fresh look, why not try them in white?

2. Netting – Beach trip

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, or be visiting the beautiful seaside on holiday, then some fun new beach attire is essential.

A netted top, dress, or beach throw, can be the perfect companion for a little extra coverage while you enjoy the relaxing backdrop of the ocean waves. Much like the utility pants, the

scandi colour palette couldn’t be more popular, so I suggest opting for white, beige or black, layered over some coloured swim trunks for a pop in the right direction.

3. Low Rise Trousers – Having a Cosy Night In

The sun may make us feel super social, but even extroverts need an occasional night in to recharge. You may consider picking up a book, watching a movie, or playing real money roulette in real time – for these at-home, leisure activities, some low rise breezy trousers can be a staple for the ultimate comfort. As you indulge in the digital version of the traditional roulette game, a cozy outfit will help you spin the wheel comfortably at home, without any of the hassles of going to a physical casino and adhering to its strict dress codes.

Although the return of the low rise waistband has been a massively controversial one, with many people previously predicting it to be a fashion trend lost to history, it’s also turned out to be one of the most popular trends of 2023. Teens and adults alike have been opting for the low rise fit, while initially it was reminiscent of the early 2000’s, it is now simply a stable of the 2020’s.

4. Asymmetric Hem – Brunch

Inspired by the slanted skirts of the early noughties, the asymmetrical hemlines are sweeping us off our feet once again. Perhaps brought back on to the runway by fashion and beauty’s latest it girl, Matilda Djerf, a young Swedish entrepreneur who clearly has an eye for feminine fashion comebacks, this distinctive hem can be seen featured all over her instagram and namesake clothing brand.

This quirky style is the perfect piece to add an edge to a cool but casual brunch outfit that your friends will be sure to compliment. The asymmetrical hem is not just limited to skirts, but can be seen on the latest, shirts, jackets and even trousers for a state of the art look.

5. Red, Red, Red – Gigs

It’s out with the little black dresses and dress shirts, and in with the classic rouge numbers. A pop of red is the perfect addition to your closet in the summertime, especially in the form of some high waisted wide leg pants to give you that relaxed summer silhouette.

Red is an attention grabber, it’s associated with heated emotions and passion, so what better way to express your support for your favourite band than a visual representation of your love for their music?

6. Cutouts – Festivals

Summer is festival season, and even though that doesn’t guarantee a sunny day, it absolutely means there will be some amazing outfits.

Festivals are the place to experiment, they give you the opportunity to try outrageous outfit ideas that you probably can’t wear in any other setting. We’ve come a long way from the full skirts and high necklines of conservative dresses of 100 years ago, cutouts are now a popular feature in modern fashion. Cutouts are getting more and more daring so a festival is the perfect place to try them out. Go wild!

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