How To Ask A Woman Out: 6 Tips For A Yes Every Time

By March 26, 2023Guest Post

Does your voice go up a few octaves every time you blurt out a “Hi!” in front of a woman you would like to ask out? We’ve all been there. Asking someone out can be a very anxious social experience, especially since there is no handbook on asking women out. You may come across as needy and desperate, or creepy and awkward. Well, women do not like those qualities. So, how can you successfully ask a woman out? 

Fortunately, here are a few tips to help you get a ‘yes’ from any woman you ask out on a date. It sounds too good to be true, does it not? Well, read on and you will realise that the trick to successfully asking someone out is all in the basics.

Look As Confident As You Can 

For a second, consider the worst that can happen if you get rejected. Your self-esteem will take a blow, and you might go home alone. However, that’s it. It certainly will not be the end of the world if someone politely declines your offer. So, why are you scared as hell? 

Confidence is the key to asking women out. Women appreciate it when a man can take rejection with a straight face, and who knows, your confident demeanor could even make a woman change her mind after initially declining your offer. 

Walk up to the lady you like with confidence and a subtle smile on your face. Do not fidget, slump your shoulders, or stare at the ground. Your body posture should scream confidence because this is something the ladies find incredibly alluring. 

Dress The Part 

The first thing a woman notices is your demeanor. The second thing she will notice is your attire. Of course, you do not need to wear a tux when you are asking someone out but do not be dressed like a slob either. Make sure whatever you are donning says only one thing about you- CLASSY. Make sure to avoid some of the obvious fashion disasters- unkept hair, dirty shoes, body odour- and you will be golden. 

You may know how to clean up like a pro, but if you want to get a ‘yes’ out of any woman you ask out, make sure you are dressed for the part. 

Talk Normally 

No, you do not need an opening line every time you ask someone out. Chances are, you will come up with something extremely cheesy which will automatically be a big no-no for the woman. Most people appreciate it when things have an organic flow and happen without any hurdles or unnecessary quirks. 

Saying this might be easy, but we know how nerve-wracking it can be to gather up to courage to even make a coherent statement. And this is exactly why you should speak normally because if you are trying too hard to come up with something impressive, chances are- you will mess it up. Instead, when you talk in a normal way, there’s a flow to your words and they come out in a much more appealing manner. 

Just smile softly and say something like, “Hi! I couldn’t help but notice just how pretty you are looking tonight. If it is okay with you, may I buy you a cup of coffee?” If this does the trick, you are good to go. But just in case you want to know the woman before asking her out, follow the steps given below for a successful conversation. 

Maintain Eye Contact 

One of the most basic things that communicate mutual interest in one another is eye contact. In fact, this can be your sign to ask out a woman even before approaching her. If someone has caught your eye, gaze in her direction for a few seconds, and if she catches your gaze, give her a small smile. In case she looks away, that should be your cue- do not keep staring at her anymore. However, if she returns your smile, it means she wants you to come over and spark up a conversation. 

Of course, if you have already engaged in a lively discussion, eye contact can still play a big role. This does not mean you should stare at her without blinking- that can be straight-up weird. But looking deep into her eyes and nodding occasionally, shows you are a good listener and will certainly earn you a few points before you can pop the question. 

Make Her Laugh 

This is among the most underrated ways to make a woman comfortable in your presence. Women are much more likely to laugh in the presence of men they find attractive. This is why many women prefer to go out with gentlemen escorts because they know the time will be worth it. Additionally, women tend to be more attracted to people who can make them laugh as opposed to very reserved ones. 

Of course, you will have to build up to the situation where you can ask her out and get a ‘yes’ in response. For this, you will have to observe her a little carefully. Is she reading a book? What kind of coffee did she order? Keep an eye out for the little details until you find the thing that can act as a conversation starter. 

Now, you may not be a funny person. And that’s okay! This is not a stand-up stage, you simply have to find common ground and be open with her. The best way to do this is to intently listen to what is being said, and then even if you make a small joke on a tangential topic, it will be received well. 

Do Not Call It A Date 

The moment you use the term ‘date’, it can pressurize the woman to feel a certain way about you. This is why, never use this term outright and instead, say things like, “May I walk you home?” or “Should we grab dinner sometime? It’s my treat!” This casual tone relays to the woman that you are not being too pushy and just want to spend a normal evening with her. 

Women are much more likely to say ‘yes’ to you if you use these lines instead of simply saying, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” This can complicate things and force the woman to look at you in a romantic way, which she may not be comfortable with right away. Most women like to start out as friends and build a connection over time, instead of diving straight into it. 

With these tips, you should be able to ask out any woman and get a resounding ‘yes’ in response. Just remember, do not be pushy and know when to stop. Some women may change their minds later and give you a chance, but read their body language well. If they are being firm, say a quick thank you and leave. Even if she does not go out with you, she will appreciate you for respecting her decision.

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