Sheck Wes is Personally Curating Scarce Mystery Boxes

By March 1, 2023Fashion News

Limited to 50 Boxes.

It’s no secret that Sheck Wes is quietly one of the best-dressed rappers in the game, with his charisma and bold personality bleeding through to his personal style. Therefore, it seemed like a match made in heaven when the New York rapper was chosen to partner up with high-end mystery box brand Scarce to curate 50 boxes with brands ranging from Casablanca to WHO DECIDES WAR to even Supreme.

Two types of boxes priced at $300 and $600 will be available to buy, with the contents of the box retailing up to $698 and $1300 respectively. To avoid disappointment, customers are also asked to choose some brands and designers they desire the most which will be used to determine which items are best suited for each buyer. This approach is not only a fun and exciting way to interact with new brands and unexpected styles but also looks towards a less wasteful industry that will forever be the goal within the fashion industry.

The two boxes will be available to buy on March 2nd at 13:00 EST.

Check out the campaign images below.


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