Diesel Invites You to Dieseltopia for Pre-Fall 23′ Campaign

By May 30, 2023Fashion News

A United Love for the Diesel "D".

To promote the brand’s logo pieces, Glenn Martens and Diesel have unveiled their brand new campaign for Pre-Fall 2023 with a subtle nod to logomania through the exploration of irony and irreverence towards fashion’s cult pieces. Photographed by Marili Andre, the tribal group of models fronted by Estonian rapper and singer TOMM¥ €A$H engage in ritualistic activities as a way of showing worship to the “D” logo and the values of individualism, freedom, humour and rebellion it represents.

The Oval “D” Insignia, a logo that has become a crucial trademark within Glenn Martens’ meteoric revival of Diesel, is the focal point of this campaign as it can be seen on a range of ready-to-wear and accessory pieces, serving as the uniform of this family of “D” worshippers. Anything from the best-selling 1DR bag to the Oval D belts to even the Oval D denim sets can be seen highlighted in various forms.

Check out the campaign imagery below.


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