Lacoste Celebrates Its Iconic Crocodile’s 90th Birthday with New Campaign

An Emblem of Connected Heritage.

You’ll struggle to find a crocodile quite as famous as the one that has come to represent the values of iconic French label, Lacoste since its birth somewhat 90 years ago. Celebrating the historic occasion with an emotion-charged anniversary campaign, the brand has set off on its travels around the world, from Brazil to South Korea, to tell the stories of eight compelling subcultures that are continuing to spread its heartbeat across the globe. 

Shining a spotlight on and connecting these unique communities through the magic of style and cinema, the campaign captures each in their own meaningful locations and contexts. Highlighting the differences and unexpected similarities of these ‘Impossible Encounters’, their contrasting worlds are brought together via split screen.  

Check out the Crocodile’s sentimental birthday campaign below. 


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