Is Supreme Dying Out?

By June 16, 2023Fashion News

Worrying Times.

Supreme has consistently been one of the biggest streetwear brands in the game for a long while now, so it comes as a surprise to hear that they haven’t been doing so well as of late.

The brand has been successful worldwide, working with huge designer brands like Louis Vuitton, The North Face and Comme des Garçons. Not only have they excelled with big-name brands, but they have also released collections with a brand in just about every field. From collaborations with artist Damien Hirst, to stamping their name on a literal brick, Supreme have been full of surprises and have certainly made their mark on the streetwear scene. As of 2022, Supreme’s revenue has dropped significantly. Last year, the brand made a net income of $82.4M, which sunk to $64.8M as of 2023. Supreme has been an incredibly successful streetwear brand overall since it was founded in 1994.

Whilst ups and downs in revenue are normal for any brand, the question is: will Supreme make a comeback?

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