CIFF x Revolver’s Joint Venture Is Revolutionising Scandinavian Fashion

By August 25, 2023Fashion News, Features

A New Era for Scandinavian Fashion.

Marking a transformative moment for the Scandinavian fashion scene, the fashion world witnessed the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) present its first trade show since its game-changing acquisition of the Revolver Trade Show. Keeping with the spirit of “One Copenhagen,” the CIFF x Revolver debut was more than a showcase; it was a melding of past and present, tradition and innovation. 

Opening the trade show with a spectacular runway show. In a dazzling display of synergy and innovation, CIFF’s acquisition of the Revolver Trade Show not only united two historic rivals but also injected fresh energy into the Scandinavian fashion industry. As fashion enthusiasts flocked to the exhibition at Copenhagen’s Bella Center, Sofie Dolva and the CIFF team ushered in a new era of Scandi fashion with a curated tapestry of brands, panel talks with industry mavens, and the debut of a groundbreaking trade show app.

Here were some of our favourite brands at the fashion fair.


A standout presence at the event was Holzweiler, the Norwegian-heritage fashion house that has been a front-runner of artistic fusion since its inception in 2012. Founded by visionary siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler, the brand’s distinct identity emerges from a seamless marriage of design and functionality. With meticulous cuts and fits that transcend fleeting trends, Holzweiler draws inspiration from nature, art, architecture, and contemporary culture. And for their SS24 collection, aptly titled “In Bloom,” Holzweiler celebrated the transformative beauty of nature’s cycles with blossoming shapes, textures, and patterns woven into the fabric of their designs, creating an ode to the purest expressions of nature’s artistry.


Another trailblazer, ISNURH, showcased its eco-friendly high-end contemporary offerings. Established in 2017 by Kasper and Oliver, ISNURH seamlessly blends Scandinavian minimalism with incredible craftsmanship. The result is a diverse collection that encompasses all facets of an essential wardrobe. This brand’s commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics, as each piece is the result of ethical production practices that include pieces crafted from fully decomposing materials.

Wood Wood

Adding to the already incredible list of brands at this years fair was Wood Wood’s Double A imprint, a testament to the fluidity of fashion. This genderless collection flawlessly melded high-quality streetwear essentials with an uncut attitude. With a design language rooted firmly in accessible sportswear and an expressive graphic universe, Double A’s bold branding and tongue-in-cheek digital presence captures the essence of contemporary youth culture, bringing a refreshing dose of authenticity to the current fashion landscape.

Capturing the spirit of evolution and innovation,  the acquisition of Revolver has clearly breathed new life into CIFF, enabling it to emerge as a powerhouse in the global fashion landscape. Igniting a spark of creativity that radiated through the collections, the stalls, the talks and the brands present at the fair, CIFF x Revolver has not only altered the course of Scandinavian fashion but has also set a new benchmark for trade show experiences worldwide.

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