SPOTTED: Lancey Fouxx Jet Sets for Festival Season Wearing Rick Owens, Telfar, Prada & more

Man of the Moment.

Lancey Fouxx’s rise to the top was expected for those that were paying attention, with his recent mainstream popularity being a long-awaited inevitability. For this latest photo dump, Lancey proves that he’s not just music.

The long-time fashionista has always been in and around the fashion world, having long been associated with some of the biggest fashion brands and names that the scene has to offer. Taking to social media for a new photo dump, the ‘Lancey or Lancey’ hitmaker donned an array of outfits and brands, with some standout garments including a pair of black Rick Owens Drawstring Wide-Leg Trousers, a pair of black Prada Corduroy Overalls, a black leather Telfar Bucket Hat, as well as a standout silver Givenchy necklace.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a pair of black Rick Owens Drawstring Wide-Leg Trousers and a similar pair of Prada Corduroy Overalls.


PHOTO CREDIT: @lanceyfouxx (via Instagram)

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