SPOTTED: Kendrick Lamar Poses for a Pic with Nigo Wearing Acne Studios & SEAO-KR

Two Icons.

Compton-born hall of fame musician Kendrick Lamar took some time out in Japan recently and uploaded to his alter-ego Instagram account – titled ‘jojoruski’ – to share some new highlights from the life of KL.

Rightfully grabbing the headlines, Kendrick was snapped posted up with iconic designer and tastemaker Nigo at the latter’s Tokyo studio, with some signature outfit heat being out on display. Most definitely boasting his own unique sense of style, Kendrick opted for something clean and simple with this ensemble, pairing a plain white t-shirt with a striking knitted orange and black bucket hat and a pair of standout distressed and dirtied Acne Studios 2021M Loose Fit Jeans. On feet, the ‘Hillbillies’ star rocked a pair of CC Climbing Shoes from independent Korean brand, SEAO-KR.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a pair of Acne Studios 2021M Loose Fit Jeans and a pair of SEAO-KR CC Climbing Shoes now.


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