Feng Chen Wang Modernise the Past with FW23′ Bamboo Bag Collection

By November 30, 2023Fashion News

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China-born designer Feng Chen Wang has gone from strength to strength in recent times, with this latest batch of Bamboo Bags for FW23′ bridging her past with her futuristic design vision.

Having been a mainstay in Wang’s product line since the brand’s inception, the Bamboo Bag is still standing strong for the FW23′ season as the firm favourite fashion week accessory gets reshaped every which way as we head into the new year. Enlisting a female workforce for this latest effort, designer Wang originates from China’s Fujian area – a hot spot for bamboo farming – and looks to local communities to aid in in this newest endeavour, reimagining her materials alongside seasoned bamboo harvesters to form new cylinder, square, heart-shaped, and circular bags. The carefully curated pieces require several months of preparation as parts of the plant are hand-glued together after being stripped and oiled, with rich leathers and classic denim then being utilised on strappings and other design accents whilst Feng Chen Wang’s iconic name is printed into the bamboo and onto alternate materials.

Feng Chen Wang’s FW23′ Bamboo Bags collection is available to shop now via the brand’s website.

Check out imagery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Feng Chen Wang

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