JNORIG Push the Boundaries of Fashion with Ultra-Futuristic “SUPERFICIAL PROFUNDITY” Collection

By November 6, 2023Fashion News

A Testament to Breaking New Ground.

For those that answer the age-old question, ‘would you rather go forward or back in time?’, with only the future in mind, we may just have the collection for you. Fuelled by the desire to innovate, push boundaries and explore the ever-evolving human experience, JNORIG’s Spring/Summer 2024 offering, “SUPERFICIAL PROFUNDITY”, transcends the conventional notions of reality, challenging established perceptions. 

Entirely crafted in the cutting-edge design software Clod3D, the otherworldly capsule sets out to redefine the fashion industry and its future through thought-provoking artistry and its avant-garde aesthetic. 

Brought to life through a mesmerizing movie created by Cinema 4D alongside futuristic imagery courtesy of Blender 3D and AI, check out its immersive campaign below.


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