PAUSE Visits: Civilian Hotel

let the artistic appeal allure you into a world of creative inspiration and restoration…

Located in the heart of The Theater District, Civilian NYC is a bold new hotel which is near popular landmarks such as The Broadway Theatre, Carnegie Hall and Rockefeller Center! Although it’s a stroll away from Times Square, where Civilian is based is more residential and peaceful.

Those in tune with their well-being will enjoy the gym and pool which the hotel has facilities for, there’s even a secret garden, cocktail lounge, rooftop bar as well a restaurant which can be indulged in during your stay!

The hotel lobby is very cosmopolitan, and eccentric and inspires guests to immerse themselves into the creative but social realm as a Civilian in New York!

When you take the lift up to the Rosevale Kitchen & Secret Garden on the first floor you can enjoy the modern approach to the American bistro, or you can head to the Rosevale Cocktail Lounge on the second floor to a more laidback cocktail lounge for a cheeky drink or two, orrrrrrr you can head to the Starchild Rooftop Bar to hear some rhythms spun by a DJ, there are even performances which tend to happen up there – that will liven up your evening!

If you fancy a stroll too, as we mentioned earlier, Times Square isn’t too far away, so feel free to explore and take a bite out of the big apple.

Quick facts:

Date Opened: November 2021

Brand Creator & Owner: Jason Pomeranc

Interior Designer: Rockwell Group

Architect: David Rockwell

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Number of Rooms: 203

Types of Rooms: King, Queen small, Queen large, Double & Twin

Book yourself into The Civilian Hotel Today!

Telephone: 646-692-8012

Address: 305 WEST 48TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10036

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