Baron Studio: Shining Solar Light on a New Designer

Making Fashion Accessible to All.

Introductions are hard, but PAUSE is here to make them easier. Meet Florent Baronian, a computer science professional turned fashion designer with origins from Provence and Armenia who’s shaping his brand around positivity and accessibility. His latest industry move was to release his e-commerce site, filling his shop section with ready-to-wear goods tailored to the high fashion market. PAUSE got the chance to interview Baronian about his background in the industry and what we can expect from his brand. Check it out below. 

What does your design background look like? 

I have an engineering degree in computer sciences and worked for 10 years in that field, but as time went by, I realized I wasn’t happy doing what I do, and after a couple of years of self-debate with my inner voice, I finally decided to quit my job and do what I really love, hence designing and creating clothes. Fashion has been my passion since I was a kid. That’s how it all started. I did a training session focused on brand creation and fashion design at Studio Lausié, a sustainable fashion school in Marseille. I don’t have a huge scholarly background in fashion, all I know is from the years I’ve spent following fashion and fashion designers and learning by myself from them.

What gap in the market are you looking to fill with your brand?

I want to be able to dress both men and women, so unisex, but also in most of the different physical shapes, either tall, petite, skinny, curvy, or muscular. From my experience being tall and muscular, it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit me the same way they fit the models that wear them and I know a lot of people with the opposite physique for whom it is also hard to fit within the fashion standards of sizes and especially with unisex collections.

Where does the brand name derive from?

It derives from my very own last name “Baronian”, which is of Armenian origin and is derived from the Armenian word “baron,” meaning “noble” or “nobleman.” It came naturally to me to use that name because it represents what I want to create with this brand, noble garments, using noble fabrics and for the owners of the pieces to feel confident and proud wearing them, expressing their own creativity and vision.

How important is functionality in your garments?

It is important. I try to create designs with artistic and aesthetic expression but at the same time seek balance for comfort, durability, and practicality. Even if some pieces may push creative boundaries, I try as much as possible to keep that balance between creativity, comfort, and practicality.

Can you dive deeper into the solar aspect of your brand? I find that quite interesting.

In terms of design, the solar aspect will be composed of elements like vibrant colors that evoke sunlight, patterns resembling rays or celestial motifs, or even fabric textures that emulate warmth and light.

I also want the brand to provide a sense of connection to nature, offering comfortable, sustainable pieces that align with eco-conscious values. Wearing such clothing might evoke feelings of brightness, positivity, confidence, and a commitment to a greener lifestyle, allowing the wearer to express their support for environmentally friendly practices through their fashion choices.

Who’s your dream celebrity that you’d like to see wearing your brand?

I would love to see Bad Bunny wearing my brand.

Will you be releasing season by season? Or whenever you see fit?

I’ll try as much as possible to keep doing garments that fit the seasons, but I’ll release drops whenever I see fit, in small quantities but different styles all year long, that’s the goal.

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