Nahmias Unveil AW24′ Collection ‘Summerland Ranch’

By January 17, 2024Fashion News

Embracing the Spirit of the California Cowboy.

At their Paris Fashion Week showroom, Nahmias launched their AW2’4 collection, entitled ‘Summerland Ranch’. An homage to the quintessential California lifestyle, ‘Summerland Ranch’ blends traditional and contemporary elements by taking inspiration from the picturesque Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara, where majestic mountains meet the serene sea, being a collection that encapsulates the tale of elegance, ruggedness, and California cowboy allure.

As Nahmias’ AW24′ collection combines the Western frontier with California’s modern coast, it is a journey through time and space. A collection that speaks to those who appreciate beauty in ruggedness, elegance in informality, and luxury in simplicity. As an invitation to enjoy the California cowboy spirit, ‘Summerland Ranch’ is a testament to Nahmias’ place in the contemporary-luxury market of menswear, where each piece represents a fragment of a larger, more beautiful story.

Check out the full collection below.


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