Puma’s Fearless Mostro Returns after 25 Years

By January 2, 2024Fashion News

Ahead of its time.

In 1999, the Mostro was introduced with an experimental look that marked a new aesthetic at the time. Its name comes from the Italian for monster. Taking inspiration from two diverse realms – the sleek, tough sprint spikes of the 1960s and the chill-out surf shoes of the 1980s – the Mostro stands out while fitting in.

This low-profile silhouette boasts defining features like its signature spiked sole and versatile strap closure, making it an iconic and convention-defying silhouette from PUMA’s archives. An utterly unique design, the Mostro promises maximum flexibility and comfort. The 2024 edition of the Mostro is comprised of a mesh upper with metallic silver PUMA Formstrips and an elastic strap closure along with a lycra lining.

Check it out below.


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