SPOTTED: Shai Takes Things Up a Level Wearing Custom Chrome Hearts, Gruppo Vava & more

Hard as Ever.

Shai’s unstoppable run as one of the industry’s best-dressed continues as the Oklahoma City Thunder star rocks both the sporting and fashion worlds with a wholly colour coordinated ensemble.

Hitting Instagram to let go of his standout look, Shai looked crisp in a mostly white outfit, pairing together some elevated streetwear staples in the process. As seen on Drake in his ‘8am in Charlotte’ music video, point-guard Shai was snapped wearing a white and multicoloured Gruppo Vava Immortal Varsity Jacket – a piece dedicated to the late and great Virgil Abloh – as well as a pair of matching white and multicoloured custom Chrome Hearts cargo trousers and a pair of Balenciaga Alaska Boots in, you guessed it, white.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a pair of Balenciaga Alaska Boots now.


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