PAUSE or Skip: KidSuper Cuff Pants

KidSuper's Finest.

Colm Dillane is back at it again with his weird and wonderful Willy Wonka-esque creations, debuting this long-awaited pair of KidSuper Cuff Pants.

Having made quite the splash last year as they went viral across the web, the KidSuper Cuff Pants are officially up for grabs as of now, with the wholly reimagined take on a suit trouser underlining Dillane as one of fashion’s leading innovators. For this grey pair of Cuff Pants, the very idea of a suit shirt is replicated into the long bottom form as this pair boast a centrally pleated shape, a formal striped blue and white shirt as a pocket lining, fold-out double functioning frontal pockets, as well as the standout shirt cuff seen under the pants, which arrives alongside a subtle button closure.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up the pair now.


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