Fendi’s First Fragrance Collection Puts Family First

Family Affair.

Fendi is taking bonding time to another level, launching a seven-piece fragrance collection designed by members of the family, and the inherited member of the Fendi world, Kim Jones. 

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand’s menswear artistic director and third-generation of the Fendi name, involved pink pepper, sandalwood, and incense in a summer-inspired scent. Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Silvia’s daughter, took similar cues, opting to create a scent inspired by her childhood memories. Her fresh citrusy scent offsets Leonetta Luciano Fendi’s scent, inspired by Ponza with notes of fig and tonka bean. Anna, Adele Casagrande, and the set of twins, Tazio and Dardo Vascellari Delettrez Fendi, each got their own scents as well. 

Kim Jones’ fragrance concludes the list, pulling notes from the landscapes of Southern and Eastern Africa.

June 20th is the line’s release date, set to be available online and in-store, along with specialty sizes, including one that fits into branded keychains.

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