PAUSE Visits: art’otel Amsterdam

art'otel Amsterdam: Where Art Meets Luxury.

By Lynn Mongameli — Features Editor.

A city long synonymous with vibrant nightlife and a rich cultural heritage, Amsterdam is experiencing a self-motivated transformation, one that sees the city becoming a hub for innovation, technology and art, whilst also reshaping its approach to tourism. Reimagining its public profile, Amsterdam is shifting its focus to a more curated travel experience. Exemplifying Amsterdam’s blend of tradition and modernity, the city is preserving its rich heritage but also embracing change with a vision that prioritises Amsterdam’s cultural institutions. For instance, STRAAT, which continues to innovate with cutting-edge street-art and digital initiative, while hotels like art’otel push the boundaries of hospitality and modern art.

The Experience

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Amsterdam, art’otel is more than just hotel—it’s an immersive experience that celebrates the fusion of contemporary luxury and vibrant art. This chic hotel, with its prime location amidst the city’s cultural landmarks, directly opposite Amsterdam Central Station, beckons art aficionados and discerning travellers alike, offering a unique blend of creativity and comfort.

A defining feature of art’otel is its extensive collection of artworks. Seamlessly integrating his unique artistic identity into the hotel’s design, art’otels interior is adorned with the daring and captivating works of Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, offering guests an immersive experience.

What’s More:

As part of a recent refresh of the art’otel Gallery, the hotel has commissioned four new artworks from Van Lieshout. These new works further enhance the vibrant aesthetic and reinforce the hotel’s commitment to contemporary art. Each piece is a testament to Van Lieshout’s bold forms and playful narratives, inviting guests to engage with art in a meaningful way. Van Lieshout’s contributions, which include large-scale sculptures transform the hotel into a living gallery. His art not only elevates the ambiance but also provides a profound cultural experience, making a stay at art’otel, not just a place to sleep but a cultural experience.

Helmed by the acclaimed Portuguese chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, the hotel’s main restaurant, ARCA, is an unmatched culinary experience. Marrying contemporary and traditional flavours, the menu at ARCA is testament to spectacular ingredients and culinary artistry, offering a delightful mix of local and international dishes.

A special thank you to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for curating a wonderful travel experience which included a travel guide to the trendy capitol and the entire team at art’otel Amsterdam for the assistance and outstanding service.

art’otel Amsterdam

Prins Hendrikkade 33, 1012 TM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Email: [email protected]



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