SPOTTED: Busta Rhymes Moves the Needle on Missy Elliot’s Tour Wearing Outlandish Ensemble

Easy for Some.

Missy Elliott’s hit tour has made many a headline over the past few weeks, and that’s not just to do with the music. A June Ambrose lead wardrobe department has garnered a lot of attention in all the right ways, with supporting act and fellow hip hop icon Busta Rhymes tapping into the aforementioned Ambrose’s one-of-one design palette.

Following suit to his tour partner, “Break Ya Neck” star Busta Rhymes blocked out all of the haters with a truly striking ensemble, pushing the limits of what you can wear on stage. Known for his unbothered attitude and self-confidence, the heritage New York hitmaker winds the clock all the way back as we get a dose of the classic Busta, with this latest look consisting of a black and white striped design and being composed of a fully quilted overcoat, matching gilet, and trouser co-ord, including a wing-like arm adornment and silver hardware.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Check out Busta Rhymes’ latest tour look attached.

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