LCM: Astrid Andersen AW14 Show

January 6, 2014

Astrid Andersen is the risk taking, playful designer who likes to combine a heavily street urban aesthetic with homogenous detailing and eye-catching colour. And as expected, her AW/14 collection doesn’t stray too far from this style with the show starting off with one shouldered tops and furry tee’s.

Andersen had dressed up her models as rude boy rapunzels who walked down the runway in aqua blue American football styled jerseys. There was a selection of coats including a black fur mid coat which stopped at the top of the arm and given a satin quilted long sleeve look which was worn over a matte gold crop top and joggers. The fit was comfortable loose and sometimes reminiscent of nightwear such as the white and blue satin shirts.

The footwear remained the same throughout as models wore their sporty get up’s with chunky black mid length wallabies as did the tones with a general theme of grey, black, blue and yellow. Astrid also brought back her lace in a onesie form with a white and black tracky underneath. Baggy way past the knee shorts were worn over just as baggy jogging bottoms and we loved the black and gold printed bottoms.

The general sportswear feel was still as evident as it was in her previous collections as was the blatant contrast of masculine designs with feminine or unisex touches. Andersen is still evolving the street look by bending as much conventions as she can. She also lived up to her expectations and delivered a consistent show with a varied use of material and interesting concepts.

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Words by Kacion Mayers

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