LCM: Topman Design AW14 Show

Topman Design took outdoors indoors. What started with some eyebrow raising leaks from the ceiling ended into a foggy mist finale!

Cropped peacoats, smokey PVC and the classic burnt orange ran through the whole collection. Chunky cable knits, turtle necks and soft blues also made a bold outburst from the punky looks.

The classic 90s grunge look rippled down the runway, starting from the ultra shiny PVC to the wet look hair and leather. Layering emphasised the textures and detail in the AW14 collection.

_ARC0009.450x675 _ARC0089.450x675 _ARC0038.450x675 _ARC0024.450x675 _ARC0100.450x675

_ARC0113.450x675 _ARC0209.450x675 _ARC0189.450x675 _ARC0163.450x675 _ARC0126.450x675

_ARC0223.450x675 _ARC0301.450x675 _ARC0285.450x675 _ARC0250.450x675 _ARC0231.450x675

_ARC0317.450x675 _ARC0428.450x675 _ARC0396.450x675 _ARC0377.450x675 _ARC0349.450x675

_ARC0377.450x675 _ARC0496.450x675 _ARC0464.450x675 _ARC0428.450x675 _ARC0396.450x675
_ARC0504.450x675 _ARC0589.450x675 _ARC0573.450x675 _ARC0560.450x675 _ARC0520.450x675
_ARC0560.450x675 _ARC0624.450x675 _ARC0603.450x675 _ARC0589.450x675 _ARC0573.450x675

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