Men’s Fashion Guide: What To Wear in September

September 6, 2015

Now that September is upon us, it’s time to begin selecting your transitional wardrobe for the upcoming winds and showers of Autumn/Winter 2015. Let our PAUSE Guide help with the changing seasons with our picks of what to wear in September.


September can be a tricky month to dress for – is it still Summer? Is it Autumn? With each day passing, the ever-changing weather jumps back and forth between the seasons, making it harder to plan your outfits. We here at PAUSE have got you covered with our guide on what to wear for September. You don’t want to immediately jump into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, despite how tempting it may be after months of having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to layer. Resist temptation and indulge in a happy-medium lightweight jacket, or even better a trenchcoat. Giving you the best of both worlds, a lightweight jacket will let you layer accordingly to the weather. Often in September humidity can linger around like the last clutches of Summer, even amongst the rain, and lets be real who doesn’t look stylish running from the rain around the London streets in a traditional Burberry trench-coat or even better – a printed one?

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When it comes to lightweight jackets there is endless choice: sheepskin collars, street-style bombers, matte-look macs, distressed denim, monochromatic leather jackets and smart blazers. These are perfect for September as you can dress them up or down with shirts, t-shirts, and jumpers. Or accessorise with scarves for those harsh September days and of course hats and sunglasses. We here at PAUSE believe that hats finish certain outfits off and up your game completely. It’s crazy how a puritan hat paired with basic jeans, a t-shirt and chelsea boots can make such a difference. Or how a fisherman’s beanie paired with a suit, t-shirt and sneakers give you the perfect smart-casual look. A good hat paired with a good outfit always looks effortlessly cool, and without a doubt make people PAUSE.






September gives you the perfect opportunity to mix your street-style wardrobe with elements of formalwear. And if you already haven’t been wearing black during Summer, it’s time to get dark. With the daylight hours slowly beginning to get shorter and the sky growing moodier, why else would you want to wear anything other than black? With designers like Domingo Rodriguez to Blood Brother featuring all black everything in their AW15 collections it seems appropriate enough to slowly start featuring black in your wardrobe. It is still September, so a PAUSE tip would be to go with monochrome – mixing light with dark and perhaps still integrating some naval and grey tones.






Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment. September is almost the perfect month to have fun with what you’re wearing because of the ever changing weather. It’s a opportunity to try out your Autumn/Winter ideas subtly, because after September, it’s all layers and new pieces from then on and you’ll be saying goodbye to SS15.

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