De-Crowned by Alina Jumabhoy

By October 25, 2012Fashion News

It’s an exciting time for British Design, with young new brands emerging all over the UK, bringing unique twists and ideas for their collections.

At PAUSE we are always keen to hear about innovative new brands but when we first read about Alina Jumabhoy Menswear, we were instantly drawn in and knew this was something special.

Latest collection De-Crowned is based on a clear concept that runs and develops through each piece.
Read the story and then tell us that you’re not massively intrigued!

“Deep within the forests of a hidden land near Japan, there lived a banished king. Forced to pay for his evil ways, the King faced the wilderness for seven years, his daily fight for survival pushing his mind to the brink of insanity. His primal instincts flourished as his human intelligence diminished, leaving him to return to society with the mind of a beast and the heart of a boy.”

So, an incredible introduction to the diverse collection, described as “playful and innovative”.

A nice phrase that the label has used to describe what they want to achieve through their work is “the chance to help put personality to fabric.”

There are no restrictions or boundaries, meaning everything Alina Jumabhoy comes up with will be unanticipated. Check out the whole lookbook online.


By Ceylan Kumbarji

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