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When we look back at style in the 90’s we see killer multi-coloured sportswear and hi-tops. Educate & Elevate is a brand that brings those memories into the present by collecting one of a kind vintage pieces as well as crafting their own styles, Educate & Elevate has taken the essence of our favourite decade and given it to us in the form of their online store. We talk to the team to find out how it all started.

So what is it about the 90’s that you guys love so much?

The main thing we love about the 90’s was that people weren’t afraid to express themselves,  obviously people paid attention to fashion trends but didn’t follow them religiously to the extent that they do now. We feel like nowadays people try way too hard to fit into a clique instead of being true to themselves and wearing whatever the hell they want. Fashionwise we miss the bumbags, the bomber jacket, hi-top fades and the 90’s sportswear!

How did you go about changing your idea into a brand?

We had the idea of stocking 90’s vintage for a while as lots of people can’t be bothered to spend time trawling though vintage shops to find stuff so we decided to hunt out the best stuff! The brand has evolved into a mixture of all our influences, there is so much streetwear out there these days and the market is saturated with brands with mantras that don’t translate in their collections whatsoever. We wanted to be a streetwear brand with a difference, a positive message, and designs that reflect the whole ethos of Educate & Elevate.

Your mantra behind the brand, “Educate the mind, elevate the grind”, what does that mean to you?

Basically, the more you educate yourself about the world, the more successful you become. We don’t just mean educate yourselves about the 90’s, or hip-hop, or being successful in terms of money or material things. It’s a big world out there and too many people live in a bubble so we try to encourage people to see the bigger picture, learn about other cultures, appreciate what you have and make as many friends as you can from different walks of life because it’s the little things like that that help you to grow as a person. Ignorance is not bliss!

Where do you find your vintage pieces and where do your concepts for designs come from?

We get our vintage pieces from all over the place – vintage fairs, markets and specialist shops. Our designs come from our obvious love of 90’s culture, from Kid & Play to TLC, Spike Lee to Keith Haring, we take influence from the people we think kids these days need to know about!
There are more and more singers and actors nowadays who are loving the 90s look, who would you want to see wearing your clothes?

We’re in love with Azealia Banks at the moment so she’s top of our list! Also Rita Ora and Rizzle Kicks.

What should we look out for in the future of Educate & Elevate?

Currently we are doing a collaboration with designer Jade Clark (check her out she’s amazing) to develop some customised one of a kind jackets – taking vintage finds to the next level! We want to continue to develop and build a successful brand that really stands out and means something, and also have plans to take our brand further to help charities in the future and do lots of work with young people.

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Written by Charlotte Cole.

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