PAUSE Meets: The Champions Club

Clothing and lifestyle brand The Champions Club takes inspiration from street style and merges this with their ethos of chasing a dream.

The brand focuses on high quality street style and the importance of living your life like a champion no matter who you are and where you are from.

The Champions Club released their first collection for Spring/Summer 2012, titled ICMD (I Chase My Dreams), and their Autumn/Winter collection is due for release in November 2012.

 Tell us a bit about the brand, where did it start?

The whole idea for the brand had been sitting with us for a few years, but work only started 2 years ago.

We’d always wanted to run our own business from an early age, but had got caught up in the 9-5 rat race instead.

One day we just took the decision to actually start putting work into what we wanted to do instead of talking about it.

We had to learn everything ourselves from design to business strategy, but we did it and a year and a half later The Champions Club was born.

Where do you look for inspirations for your designs? 

The inspirations for our designs come from our lives, our goals, and what we see around us.

Our plan is that each drop reflects a stage in our progression; for example The ICMD collection was all about us deciding to take control of our lives and putting work into what we really wanted to achieve.

Street style as a whole is another inspiration for our designs; growing up in London this was all around us and is a part of who we are.

We are using our own ideas and vision to branch off and create our own lane of high quality street style which has had a big response so far.

How do you engage with your customers? 

We think it’s very important to engage with our supporters and customers and social media now makes this a lot easier.

We can ask questions about what they’d like to see from the brand, what they think is hot at the moment, and we also like to hear from our customers/supporters as much as possible, so again social media is key.

We do this through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites as well as e-mail.

What does the future hold for The Champions Club?

Progression! We’re learning and striving to improve all the time and with each new drop we aim to show this with the quality of the pieces we put out.

In the immediate future you can look out for our Autumn/Winter collection to drop out next month, and we’re planning big things for 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

Over the next couple of years we want to establish The Champions Club as one of the top brands on the scene.

There are already so many great brands out there that we like and look up to, so we would firstly like to reach the same level, and just keep growing.

Check out the full collection at:

Twitter: @ChampionsClubUK
Instagram: @championsclubuk


Interview by: Katie Handy-Beith 


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