The Return of Kickers

By October 13, 2012Fashion News, Style

When we hear the words “vintage” or “retro”, we automatically think of our grandfather’s surprisingly cool knitted jumpers or an old, worn out leather jacket found at the back of a store in Brick Lane.

But there is one outdated item that is tip-toeing its way back in this season after a lengthy hiatus.

For some, the last time Kickers were worn was whilst they were still at secondary school, where the only way you could express yourself through style was to customise strict uniforms, however this somewhat ‘retro’ choice of footwear seems to be gaining popularity again – not just with young students.

As they celebrate their 40th birthday Kickers proves to the rest that it is a timeless brand that is still popular even today; the shoe that first appeared in the 1970s continues to polish and complete outfits for everyone, whether their style is indie, urban or punk.

It seems as if we at PAUSE aren’t the only ones to still applaud their comfort, practical structure and simple design.

Now available in a new range of colours and styles, it is impossible to not find a Kicker to go with a must-have trench coat or the perfect winter knitwear but PAUSE still recommends the old-school Kick Hi for a new-school way to stay on trend:

Stomp your way over to your local shoe store or visit Kickers online directly for the return of your childhood essential.


Written by Joyce LaBelle.

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