There’s Something Missing From Your Suit: A Pocket Square

By October 22, 2012Fashion News, Style

You’ve bought a suit and you think you look fresh. However, PAUSE would like to point out that the pocket on your jacket is empty and is crying out for an accessory.

Originally, pocket squares were used as handkerchiefs, but as disposable tissues became more popular, the pocket square was reborn as a crucial fashion accessory.
It is important that the pocket square you choose complements your suit/shirt/tie combination, however there is one crucial rule: Never match your pocket square with your tie. This will incur the wrath of the fashion world (a funny look and some eye rolling).
It is also important to note that if you are going to wear one for work, it is better that a plain one is worn, and more patterned ones are saved for special occasions, such as a wedding.

If you want to start off with something basic go for a plain white pocket square and simply fold it so a line a couple of millimetres high is showing above the pocket. This is called the presidential fold.
There are many variations on how to fold and wear your pocket square, however, don’t get weighed down with the folding, sometimes the best way to wear it is to simply shove it in the pocket.

In time, you’ll have a collection of pocket squares that will fit every occasion as well as every combination of shirt suit and tie you have. Pocket squares may be a small detail, but they set apart the Men from the wannabes.

By Nathan Agyekum

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