There’s Something Missing From Your Suit: Cufflinks

It is about time we embrace the autumn season for all its worth! This week’s trend picks have to be a selection of the cosiest Carhartt hats, something to certainly look out for.

This would be the perfect time to upgrade your winter accessories, with something warm but not forget stylish. As seen on the likes of NAS and even Rihanna, Carhartt is a sure favourite with celebrities.

The folded beanie is made from 100% acrylic rib- knit, with the Carhartt square logo stitched at the front for a that classic hip hop/skater dude look. This iconic beanie comes in a range of colours from army green, bluestone and bright orange.

Carhartt hats are sure to be a great pick this winter and can look great paired with an oversized denim jacket, Airmax 90’s and some ashy grey skinny jeans with a chunky knit scarf . Just a little tip for your morning rush!

By Yvonne jay
Accessories can often turn an outfit from bargain bin to high fashion prattle, so it is essential that you know what accessories will enhance your appearance. In this weeks There’s Something Missing From Your Suit, PAUSE will tell you why you should always be wearing cufflinks.

Cufflinks are such small items, but yet they are essential for anyone that is even considering putting on a suit. It goes without saying that they should only be worn with a double cuffed shirt, although there was an occasion were we saw them worn with a single cuffed shirt. This proved genuinely upsetting.

What type of cufflinks should you buy? It can be almost overwhelming when looking for cufflinks to purchase, as they come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. Do you opt for plain metal ones? Silk knots? Round ones? Square ones? The pair with the footballs on them?

It is important that you bear in mind the contents of your formal wardrobe before you start buying. If you want everyday cufflinks, it’s best to opt for plain metal round or square ones that will work well with pretty much everything. Silk knots are a good alternative too, although they are even easier to loose. If you are looking for a pair of cufflinks for a special occasion, a word of warning here: do not wear novelty cufflinks. They do not look good. Ever. Also, stay away from tie and cufflink sets that are matchy, matchy. Overmatching often looks amateurish.

“Cufflinks are so small, why should I even bother buying a pair?” you may ask. Well, as the first line states, accessories tend to make the outfit. So ensure you are in good style and do not neglect the small details.


By Nathan Agyekum

Image by The Talented Few 

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