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By November 7, 2012Fashion News, Interviews

Other Clothing epitomises urban streetwear. Their ability to mix trends and unique designs have made them an immediate success, and the new A/W12 collection is no exception. Off-kilter additions such as colour pop leather jackets and a brand new camo print snapback have made Other Clothing’s collection one of the most coveted for the winter season. PAUSE talked to the brand to get a feel of how it all started.

How did Other Clothing come about? What inspired you to start the company?

“Other came about based on my equal love & hate for fashion, music & stereotypes.  I wanted to create a brand that reflected everything I loved whether it be rock n roll or hip hop, skateboarding or basketball.

“Starting a clothing company is always something I wanted to do. I’ve always always been inspired by art & design, fashion & music, I have played in bands, designed and sold merchandise for years as well as designing for other people, It was definitely something I was eventually going to do for my self. I felt I was in the right place & had the right team around me to make this happen.”

What would you say is the attitude of Other Clothing?

“Our clothing definitely has a rock n roll attitude with an urban edge. We are a progressive streetwear brand looking to bend the rules & push boundaries. We pride ourselves on quality products and limited runs to guarantee people exclusivity.”

What are the principal inspirations for your A/W12 collection?

“Our principal influences are hip hop & skate culture amongst other things but with a rock n roll vibe. With this being our first drop we wanted to emphasize & familiarize people with our logo and build from the ground up a strong foundation, not catering specifically to just an urban or skate audience.”

This week your new snapback launched on your site. It’s such a cool piece, what were your focus points when designing it? 

“The Camo 5 Panel is just one of our snapbacks dropping this season with 3 more releasing over the next few weeks. When designing the range of snapbacks we wanted to reflect everything we are influenced by, and with all over print & camouflage being a big part of hiphop & streetwear it was an integral part of the collection.”

Who is the Other Clothing guy? What kind of man would wear your collection?

“I would like to point out that we cater for both male & female; our first drop is predominantly male however we feature a few female products which we will be expanding on in the near future. As for our target customer, I would have to say someone who wants to express their individuality through their clothes,  someone with a passion for streetwear in all or any of its subcultures.”

What’s next for the brand? 

“We have a few more drops over the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas and are currently deep into working on our Spring Summer collection.  We plan on developing more design concepts within the cut and sew industry, making bespoke garments unique to our brand. We definitely intend to be around for the long haul.”


You can check out the entire collection online.


By Charlotte Cole

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