There’s Something Missing From Your Suit: Tie Bar

Continuing in the quest for perfect style, viagra PAUSE this week looks at the tie bar.

Are you sick of your tie flapping about in the wind or when you’re moving about? Tie bars are a great and inexpensive way of keeping your tie in place, and are a must for any style aficionado.

It is important that you follow four basic rules when buying a tie bar:

1. Your tie bar should never exceed the breadth of your tie

In reality, your tie bar should never be over three quarters of the breadth of your tie. So if you have a skinny tie, find a smaller tie bar. Having a tie bar that’s over the breadth is like wearing shoes two sizes too big. It’s just not a good idea. There is a terrifically good example of how bad this looks on the ASOS website.

2. Don’t wear your tie bar too high up, or too low down

Wearing your tie bar too low down, and it will be obscured by your jacket, too high up and it looks like it is attempting to strangle you. If you are unsure where to wear it, use a mirror when putting it on. Or facetime a friend.

3. Stay away from novelty tie bars

You say you like aeroplanes? Swell. But do you really have to wear a tie bar with an aeroplane on it? When it comes to formalwear, novelty items are for children. So quit the ways of a child. Also…

4. Stay away from chav bling tie bars

These days, everything has been ‘jazzled’ in some way or another, and just because something glitters, it does not mean it is gold. Or diamonds. Or Swarovski Crystals. Or even Cubic Zirconia. What you may think is an eye catching piece, could actually be a tacky piece of crap hanging from your tie.



By Nathan Agyekum

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