VMU London AW12 Releases

By November 15, 2012Fashion News

With unique pattern print fabrics that draw inspiration from historic periods and cultures, page the cut & sew t-shirt collection by VMU London is definitely cool, classy and crisp.

The ready to wear Caravaggio Beheading t-shirt is inspired by the exuberance & decadence of the baroque period. The style is different and beyond the original.

In a similar vein, the Couture Rome and Brazen t-shirts also feature vivid, rich imagery and have undoubtedly been crafted with a precise attention to detail.

A release from VMU that PAUSE has previously showed appreciation for is the Black and Leather capsule collection. The focus is very much on letting the refined shades and materials do the talking, with subtle detailing leaving a luxurious finish.

 See all available items online.


By Yvonne Jay

Edited by Sean M Phillips

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