Trend Of The Week: The Male Clutch

By December 19, 2012Culture, Fashion News

In the fast-moving world of fashion, more and more fresh trends have been lingering to the surface which might surprise you all.  The male clutch is proving to be an essential for the modern man as seen in the Valantino and Burberry collection this A/W, which is spilling over into the coming year. Although you may think carrying a bag can be seen as feminine – we think the modern man who leaves home with his daily necessities is more open-minded about carrying a form of bag.
tumblr_m9osq1pz621qlynapo1_500This handless bag can be carried in the hand or under the arm and retains its masculinity to look more like a document folder, rather than a feminine envelope style clutch. Using materials like tweed, black leather and brown/burgundy suede, enhances your outfit of the day or night. The style of the clutch bag comes in handy to just slide your A4 iPads and tablets in without it falling to the bottom of your bags.
men_clutches_bag_620Pair yourself with a leather pouch, grey granddad hat, black turtleneck, tweed blazer or double-breasted coat with slim fitted trousers and brogues for a craftsman look – a modern distinct, modern direction. Alternatively, you could go for a chocolate-brown single front zip or envelope style clutch. Along with a denim shirt, black body warmer, navy chinos and leather gloves for a more casual look.
Mens_clutch_document_case_bag_men_street_style_iIt’s evident that our modern man is slowly moving away from the casual S/S canvas backpacks and moving towards a sleeker smarter male clutch bag for the A/W season. Check out Zara for your soon to be clutch.

by Yvonne Jay

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