Winter Must Have: Onesies

With Joey Essex popularizing them along with a few other celebrities sporting them in public, it’s no wonder that onesies have grabbed a lot of attention this season. Robbie Williams was even spotted wearing a baby pink one earlier in the year, so it’s common knowledge now it’s no longer only acceptable for women to wear them, or to just wear them around the house. They’ve become a must-have item for any guy and the choice between fashion and comfort doesn’t exist anymore with these new stylish, bold prints.

Now available in most high street stores, guys now have the option to select the pattern and print they want on their onesies, from leopard print to Aztec. Our personal favourites include the snowflake design and the American flag design!

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One Piece are also big fans of onesies and these ones below start at £98, ranging up to £159. Available in different variety of designs to choose from.


ASOS are currently doing some limited edition onesies, the ‘Dirty Roller‘. So if you want to go one better than all your mates, you can go for one of these. There are four available in the popular American flag, camouflage and Aztec print for £75 each.


These are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe, so don’t be the only one missing out on a great fashion trend, be brave. Maybe rock a bright pink or purple one if you think you can pull it off…

by Ceylan Kumbarji

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