DreamWear: A Brand That Urges You to Dream Big

By January 31, 2013Fashion News

DreamWear is a new fashion brand, with unique concepts and a strong standard for their designs and products. The brand is inspirational and is for “ambitious dreamers,” people who have a strong desire to do well and follow their dreams and aspirations in life. The ultimate goal of the brand is to set new standards and although making great clothes is incredibly important to them, they also want to convey a message that use events and social activities to get their message across.

Singers, writers and entrepreneurs have come on board to talk about their dreams and achievements, which we can see in the new DreamWear video. The video features Zoe & Zara, Janan Jay and Miles Fleming, who were all selected by the brand because they wanted people with positive and powerful views and passions in life. Check out the videos, by clicking here!

DW-05-01 navy

Retail Price: £35
this navy t-shirt is part of the introductory range and underneath the bold ‘DW’ print is a statement in small print that really captures the message of the brand; It reads “Our dream is born out of desire, powered by belief achieved by action, which results in success, this is the ideology behind DreamWear.”

dw white
Retail Price: £45

Part of the “Limited” category this ‘Hopes & Dreams’ t-shirt is one of a limited edition of one hundred and once they are sold out, they’re gone for good! Inspired by the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, this is a bright, vibrant top that features an aspiring quote, true to the DreamWear representation. “Run with hope in your heart and dreams in your head,” an inspiring, encouraging quote for fans of the label!


Retail Price: £35
The ‘Born to inspire’ tee perfectly captures the message and meaning of the brand. With an aim to be able to motivate people to follow their dreams and aspirations, inspiring them to achieve more and push themselves further.

DreamWear is far from a typical clothing brand’s goal, with stylish clothing and accessories with innovating messages bound to motivate; we have no quarms that this approach further differentiates DreamWear from the rest.To view their debut collection, visit their website. Currently featuring a total of nine tee-shirts, of which six are currently  available to order now on the site!

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Words by Ceylan Kumbarji

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