Eastpak and New Balance… what’s new?

By January 10, 2013Fashion News

Eastpak and New Balance products are always keenly anticipated and some new extremely colourful things are out this week! Eastpak backpacks are incredible, and this great new selection are suitable for anything. Backpacks have never been so cool, with vibrant patterns and colours to choose from. Very reasonably priced at £35 each, there’s a leopard, panther, floral or flower charm print to choose from, depending on what kind of outfit you’re rocking on the day.

If the leopard or panther backpacks are shouting out at you, these ones are ideal as ‘mini me’ rucksacks. Not too big, but still roomy enough for all your essentials and a zippered front pocket for extra space. Because these Orbit backpacks are made so well, (as are all other Eastpak products) there is a 30 year warranty, so definitely expect good value for your money with these great quality AND ridiculously stylish backpacks.


To add some colour to your trainer collection, the New Balance trainers are the perfect choice, with a nice selection of colours and vibrancy. We at PAUSE love these Rainbow runners and everyone knows if you need running trainers, New Balance is the best make to go for. Each part of this shoe is designed for a different purpose, making sure they help with grip and transition. Basically, at £75, these aren’t just fashionable and look great when you’re out for a jog, they also WORK to help you get in shape. The site
togsandclogs has more information, so check out the website for more details on New Balance products!

So, it’s 2013. A year for getting fit and looking good. What could be two better things to buy than the bright and exciting looking New Balance trainers (made to help you get in shape) and the EastPak backpacks that look so lively and dynamic that people will probably be stopping you on your jog to ask where your backpack and trainers are from?! Definite must haves for 2013!


Click here to view the collection online.

By Ceylan Kumbarji

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