Trend Of The Week: Logo Beanies

Fashion has taken a new turn; we’re now directing our focus on the trendiest head gear, beanies. Beanies has now become a slight obsession for us fashion lovers and more recent, the American style beanies. We all know that when you haven’t got a haircut, a cool hat is the first thing you want to cover your hair with. So why not throw on a stylish warm beanie to give your outfit a bit more personality?

Comme Des F Down’ A brand that had blown up in the UK and mainly supported by the all black superstar A$AP Rocky.

Shade London beanie is great brand based in the heart of East London and has innovative urban street wear. With a great logo, Shade London’s beanie will keep you looking bold and unique.

We all know about the popular ‘Trapstar’ and how UK celebrities including Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Angel and Stooshie have pulled a great immaculate look. The beanie is cool, very sleek and stylish.

If you’re looking for a high street store which sells beanies for a good price… then Topman will do you justice. The ‘Hype’ beanie was a definite sell out for 2012 and is looking up for 2013.

By Yvonne Jay

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